Frequently Asked Questions

No. The most effective treatment Sean received was from a medical doctor that practices integrative medicine.
Integrative medicine is a holistic treatment approach that incorporates evidence-based natural and conventional/traditional medicine.
No. Medications were extremely beneficial for managing/controlling symptoms.
Due to the fluctuating nature of pricing and the fact that individual health care needs are different, we suggest reaching out to your prospective care provider. Some clinics will provide pricing over the phone, email, or list it on their website.
It was a multi-faceted approach. See more details here.
Due to the type and severity of the symptoms, the length of time he was ill, and consensus among psychiatrists, it is unlikely that Sean was misdiagnosed.
While it is true that a percentage of people with schizophrenia recover spontaneously it is generally true for those who have been ill for 2 years or less. Sean was sick for 10 years before going to see Dr Colbert. His symptoms began improving gradually only after implementing Dr Colbert’s treatment plan.
A single appointment, once a year for six consecutive years.
Each visit to the clinic lasted approximately 4.5 hours on average. An hour and a half of that time was spent with Dr Colbert, the balance with other specialists on site
Doris began to notice improvements in Sean’s physical appearance (skin tone, eyes, etc.) within 4 months. Rates of recovery will differ from person to person, there is no known standard.
Sean was medication and symptom-free within five years of seeing Dr Colbert. However, rates of recovery will differ from person to person, there is no known standard.
Dr Colbert did not work directly with Sean’s psychiatrist but he was aware of the medication regimen. Sean’s psychiatrist continued to regularly monitor the medications.
Sean’s psychiatrist was solely responsible for administering psychotropic medications. Dr Colbert did not influence this in any way nor was he consulted.
The supplements were customized to Sean’s health needs and changed as his health improved. For this reason, we suggest to seek the counsel of a qualified practitioner to determine what best meets your needs.
The supplements that Dr Colbert recommended were compatible with the medications prescribed by Sean’s psychiatrist. The importance of following the guidance of a qualified healthcare practitioner cannot be overstated.
Sean has not been on any medications since July 2011.

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