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Who Is Thrive Mental Health?

Thrive Mental Health is an informational resource provider advocating for those affected by mental illness, empowering them for recovery.

The company was born out of founder and owner Sean Miller’s personal experience and subsequent recovery from severe and persistent mental illness that lasted over a decade. Medical professionals offered him no hope of recovery and suggested his wife Doris abandon their marriage of six years. Undeterred, the Millers made a decision to visit a medical doctor in the United States who implemented an approach to treating mental illness that radically changed Sean’s predicted outcome.

Thrive Mental Health partners with multi-disciplinary health care specialists to create awareness of the emerging testing and treatment methods that helped Sean become medication and symptom free. Through advocacy efforts and use of all available media (audio, visual, web, written, spoken, etc.) the company endeavors to be a voice for those silenced by the stigma of mental illness and seeks an expansion of treatment options available to them.

A documentary featuring interviews with leading medical professionals and scientists that details Sean’s illness and subsequent recovery entitled, “When the Voices Fell Silent” is now available for rent, download and in DVD format here.

“We believe the right information can change the concept of recovery from inconceivable to achievable”
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Sean Miller

Sean Miller is an engaging leader with a penchant for working with health and public systems to create conditions that support mental health recovery and equip people to live meaningful, purpose-filled lives. A long-time drummer and singer, Sean’s early adulthood pursuit of a promising music career was interrupted by a debilitating 15-year struggle with mental illness. Despite receiving a dismal prognosis with no hope of recovery, Sean, with the help of his wife, Doris, found a holistic, nutritional approach to well-being that completely restored Sean’s health.

Since his recovery, Sean has focused his efforts on mental health promotion, education, and advocacy through his work as the Executive Director at the Manitoba Schizophrenia Society and co-founder of Thrive Mental Health. Determined to share a message of hope and resiliency, Sean and Doris have created a documentary that chronicles Sean’s recovery journey entitled, “When the Voices Fell Silent.” Sean knows that supporting the discovery, development, and expression of personal strengths is vital to recovery and the creation of healthy thriving communities.

Doris Miller, MN, RN

Doris Miller has worked in health care for more than 20 years. Her experiences as a registered nurse and registered massage therapist have given her a broad scope of knowledge in both mainstream and alternative health care. She joins her husband Sean in providing resources and support for those struggling with debilitating mental illness. Her passion is to see people recover and lead purpose-filled lives. Doris is currently enjoying her role as a nurse educator in which she facilitates the learning of students in both clinical and classroom settings.