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Watch our documentary, When the Voices Fell Silent, to discover new and effective methods used by leading healthcare providers to treat mental illness.

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  • I found the presentation to be very inspiring and clarified a great deal of questions I had regarding mental illness & the power of hope. Great presentation!”
  • I really liked the hope aspect and how they worked together to fight the disease. I am shocked that they would counsel Doris to end the marriage due to mental illness when if he was in an accident or developed cancer it would be expected of her to stay.”
  • Hold on to hope! Their strength is inspirational. We have to find a way to decrease the stigma associated with mental illness. We have to increase supports and their accessibility.”
  • I think the most significant piece that I will remember is the strength of their marriage. I find it so inspiring to learn how they stuck together through it all. Also I am a huge believer in holistic treatment and I found Sean’s experience so interesting.”

“One in five Canadians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime…
… Sadly, only one-third will get the help they need.”

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Source: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health


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