DVD – When The Voices Fell Silent


“When the Voices Fell Silent,” tells the story of Sean Miller’s dramatic and complete recovery from severe mental illness. The film features interviews with Michael Landsberg (TSN Off the Record), Dr. Don Colbert (New York Times bestselling author/M.D.), Bryce Wylde (Dr. Oz Show medical advisor), and other medical professionals/scientists. Click here to watch the trailer (opens in a new tab) or read more details below.

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After 10 years of living with a debilitating mental illness, Sean Miller was told he would most likely be medicated and hospitalized for life. It was even recommended that his wife Doris abandon their marriage of six years.

Contrary to this bleak prognosis, the Millers found the help that Sean desperately needed.

“When the Voices Fell Silent” chronicles their journey and gives rise to hope by providing answers to the questions that others living with mental illness are seeking.

The film features a foreword by Michael Landsberg (TSN Off The Record) as well as interviews with leading healthcare professionals including, Dr. Don Colbert (New York Times bestselling author/MD), Bryce Wylde (alternative health expert/clinician), Dr. Stewart Wakeman (psychiatrist, university professor), Dr Gottfried Kellermann (biochemist, founder and CEO of NeuroScience Inc.) and Dr Kelly Olson that explain the treatment methods used to restore Sean to symptom and medication free living.

Doris and Sean strongly believe that the answers they found are meant to be shared. It’s their goal to partner with families, policy makers and healthcare providers in effort to expand available treatment options and improve quality of care ultimately leading to restored health and wellness.

Here is what others are saying about the documentary:

“Dear Sean and Doris, Thank you so very much for the beautiful film you have produced. I, and so many others, admire you so much. You have captured the emotions, the strengths and love in this visual story and it gives hope to so many. It also helps others to understand, to be aware and to accept – just like you say.”
Jane Burpee, Public Health Coordinator, Manitoba Schizophrenia Society

“Kudos to you and your team. You have been through quite the journey and have masterfully encapsulated your experience and put yourself out there in the interest of sharing hope with others. There is nothing more powerful. Very little more altruistic. I commend your efforts in the highest regard. I know what you have done to share this message will help many seek out the chance they need and deserve.”
Bryce Wylde, Alternative Health Clinician, CityTv Health Expert, Medical Advisor DrOZ show

“Sean and Doris provide a compelling case for hope while striking a healthy balance between alternative treatment and traditional medicine treatment options.”
Chris Summerville, Executive Director, Manitoba Schizophrenia Society.